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The Ukrainian Consumer Rights Protection Organization (USCP) was created by patriots of our country to protect Ukrainian consumers in violation of their rights.

On the one hand, every citizen of our country is confronted every day with the purchase of goods or services. On the other hand, entrepreneurs provide transport services, utilities, medical services to Ukrainians. Vendors sell food, clothes, shoes, household appliances. Who among us did not encounter the fact that the buyer and seller do not hear each other in the store? Is it worth adding that

The president of the company, who sits at the central office and makes cookies, rarely comes face-to-face with the buyer "Day and Night"? There are thousands of such examples in everyday life. It is important that each of us hear each other.

The organization is called upon to unite consumers and sellers of goods and services to a common goal.

The goal is a satisfied consumer. Knowing a few laws of economic indicators of development of each state, it is necessary to clearly realize that the consumer is the main mechanism in the strong economic structure of the country.

The Ukrainian manufacturer must comply with legal standards to provide the consumer with quality goods and services that are on the Ukrainian market. Our organization stands guard over the rights and duties of consumers and sellers.

Everyone should have equal rights, which provides for the main law of our country - the Constitution of Ukraine.

The consumer does not always know how he can protect himself if his rights are violated. Our mission is to conduct educational programs for Ukrainian citizens in the field of consumer protection.

The Ukrainian organization of protection of consumers of services is created in order to unite buyers, sellers, manufacturers in the social and legal field of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

Poor phone? Substandard false ceilings? Poor office cleaning service? If you believe that your rights have been violated by the seller of goods or services, you can file a complaint in the office of the city of Kiev of our organization. The legal department will help to restore your rights.