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The idea of the creation of the public organization aimed at protecting consumers’ rights is not new. It’s an element of civil society, a form of self-organization of the population when standing up for their rights and interests. However, there is one BUT. Nothing can happen without initiative and like-minded people who are able and strive for spending their time and efforts efficiently, for moving ahead and for leading others, for being on the edge of the most acute processes of our society. It is they who are a real locomotive of all the positive changes in our life. I am happy to introduce my colleagues and team-mates to you.

Welcome to join us!

We will be glad to see those who would like to join us as members of our public organization.

Those who are looking for help in the field of protection of their rights as services consumers may easily turn to us and we will gladly assist you!

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Oleh Titamyr


Any person regardless the occupied position and status appears to be a consumer of goods and services. That is why one of the most extremely important and topical tasks of the civil society lies in the protection of consumers’ rights.

This is not connected only with the counteractions when the laws are violated but is also aimed at preventing such violations, for carrying out work dealing with the improvement of the existing mechanisms and cooperation between the providers of goods and services and the consumers. The most important role in this process is played by different civil organizations and, first of all, those ones which directly deal with the protection of consumers’ rights.

The main directions of our efforts lie in the following spheres: encouraging the bodies of state power to realize the policy in the field of protection of consumers’ rights; contributing to ensuring life and health security when buying different services by consumers; contributing to the realization of consumers’ rights when obtaining services of a proper quality; implementing consumers’ rights for receiving information about goods and services and their producers and providers (sellers); carrying out educational activities in the sphere consumers rights protection among the population including the subjects of business activity that function at Ukraine’s market.

The main tasks of our public organization include the following:

- intensification of Ukraine’s consumers’ movement;

- forming the awareness and popularization of the idea that it is the consumer who is the central figure of market economy;

- an active assistance in solving the problem of legal regulation of consumers rights protection in connection with the vagueness and embranchment of the legislation in this sphere and lack of possibilities to understand it by consumers themselves;

- an active spreading of reliable information on different goods and services which helps a consumer to make the right choice;

- social protection of the citizens of Ukraine;

- accumulating best practices in solving consumers’ conflicts;

- improvement of civil activity among consumers.


Our team

For the last decade our team has initiated and taken an active part in a great number of events, such as:

2004 – 2010 – the organization and carrying out a complex of actions aimed at achieving the national and democratic revival and realizing economic reforms by western patterns in Luhansk and the region;

2004 – the organization of the Luhansk Maidan;

2004 – 2013 – the creation and administration of the public organization “Luhansk Municipal Self-Defence” aimed at protecting the citizens from injustice in the sphere of housing;

2010 – 2013 – the organization of a contest for young journalists of Luhansk region;

2010 – 2013 – an institutional and financial support for boarding houses and families with children who have special needs;

2014 – 2015 – the participation in the process of the exchange of hostages and liberation of the Ukrainian servicemen who were taken captives on the separate territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. 450 persons were freed;

2015 – 2018 – the assistance for the public organization “Proliska” (Head – Ye. Kaplin), the realization of the UNDP grant in Luhansk and Donetsk regions;

2018 – the creation of the public organization “Ukrainian Organization of Services Consumers Protection”;

There are more than 16,000 subscribers on the official Facebook page of the organization.

2018 – the creation of the electronic petition at the site of Kyiv City State Administration against the ungrounded increase of tariffs for the municipal transport in Kyiv, the organization of the collection of signatures of the residents of Kyiv.

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protection of consumer rights.
Ukrainian entrepreneur and public figure, President of Public Organization “Ukrainian organization of services consumers protection”. From 2004 he took an active part in democratic and national and patriotic processes of Luhansk Region.
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Titamyr Oleh Mykolaiovych
President of Public Organization
Ukrainian entrepreneur, public figure, a Deputy Chairman of Public Organization “Ukrainian organization of services consumers protection”. He took an active part in developing democratic processes in Ukraine.
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Varnakov Yevhen Heorhiiovych
А Deputy Chairman
Ukrainian entrepreneur, public figure, a Deputy Chairman of Public Organization “Ukrainian organization of services consumers protection”. He is the Head of the publishing house “BUSINESS COMPANION”. Political analyst.
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Brazovskyi Ihor Olehovych
А Deputy Chairman
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