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Dear CEOs,

We invite you to become members of our public organization that protects services consumers. In our difficult times it is necessary to understand that every client is important to everyone who sells goods or provide services. We are sure that your customer will become more loyal to you and your trademark if he realizes that your company treats the issue of consumers’ rights protection with full responsibility and is a member of our Association. Moreover, becoming a member of our organization, you will enjoy the following benefits:

1. You will become a member of a big and united team.

2. You will get the support from our Association at all levels.

3. You can take part in the law-making process conducted through the committees of the Supreme Council of Ukraine and public chambers of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and ministries we are working in cooperation with.

4. You will have a free opportunity to publish full information concerning your company in our directory during a year. By the way, it costs from 1500 to 8000 UAH per year to publish this information in other directories.

If you become a member of our Association, you have to observe the internal rules of our Consumer Rights Protection Association. Rules: 

1. You are obliged to observe the laws and regulations on trade and service provision in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation.

2. If a member of our Association addresses you, he/she gets additional discounts and bonuses when buying goods or getting services from you. The amount of discounts and bonuses are determined by your internal regulations.

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