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Investment programs

1. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade opened COSME - an official Internet portal of the EU Programme for the Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises in Ukraine. According to the news, COSME’s budget is $2.3 billion and Ukrainian entrepreneurs may take part in the projects of the programme for the amount of up to 900 million Euros. The program allows entering the EU market and the markets of the programme partners, as well as to get access to the information about rules of running entrepreneurial activity, and to take a business practice abroad.


2. “I HAVE A RIGHT”. We do not just inform citizens on their rights but train them how to protect these rights. We give some clear and understandable advice on how to act when your rights are violated. We prove that the government can be your partner and we ensure equality before the law for each Ukrainian. One of the key elements ensuring realisation of the “I HAVE A RIGHT” project is the provision of free legal aid to people. This is a working and effective mechanism that gives everybody an opportunity to protect his rights.


3. Small and medium enterprises (SME) in the EU Eastern Partnership region have a potential to create places of employment and speed up economic growth. However, the existing obstacles (limited access to financing, burdensome legislation and difficulties in accessing new markets) slow down their progress. The “EU4Business” EU initiative breaks these barriers with the help of financing, support and training in order to help small businesses realize their potential in full. The support under “EU4Business” initiative is provided jointly with other organizations such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank.


4. The instrument is working under the H2020 “Industrial Leadership” component and gives an opportunity to companies and other kinds of organizations targeting research and innovation to get an access to financial instruments - loans, guarantees, counter guarantees, and partial financing, etc.


5. The Program for Managers. Initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), the Programme for Managers is an element of the foreign economic policy of Germany. Under the “Fit for Partnership with Germany” slogan training of managers of enterprises and organizations from 19 countries is conducted in order to develop networking and establish mutually beneficial cooperation with German enterprises. Financing of the Programme is made from the budget of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi).


6. Banking products and assistance programmes for small and medium enterprises.


7. Support for small and medium enterprises at the regional level.

Today there is a certain positive experience in the support for small and medium enterprises at the regional level.

Thus, in 2016 an NGO “Agency for Regional Development of Vinnytsa Region” (http://ardvin.org.ua) was created in order to facilitate regional development of the Vinnytsa Region and some of its territories through attracting investments and additional resources and implementation of a set of measures aimed at the improvement of the image of the Region and the development of the business environment.

The Agency provides an organizational support to the competitive selection of investment projects for partial reimbursement from the regional budget of interest on loans taken by small and medium business entities in the course of implementation of the Regional Programme for Small and Medium Enterprise Development.

Moreover, nowadays a number of entrepreneurs financial support programmes has been developed in many regions of Ukraine based on the decisions of the local executive authorities and local self-governing bodies. Among them there are:

  • partial reimbursement of the credit amount (the principal amount of the credit) without interest, provided that new places of employment were created - Poltava Region
  • financing and crediting support for small and medium business entities and development of supporting infrastructure - Ivano-Frankivsk Region
  • reimbursement of fees for loans usage (including financial credits) collected by banks and other national and foreign financial institutions used by small and medium business entities for the realization of their investment projects - Rivne Region
  • partial reimbursement of interest on credits taken at state banks for implementation of investment projects - Sumy Region
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