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Any immigration has its positives and negatives, but there are still many advantages to going to Hungary. The main advantage is the free movement around the EU, which is why foreigners most often want to come here to get a permanent residence permit. For those who have managed to obtain this status, the whole of Europe is opened.

In addition, living in Hungary will be able to present delicious and cheap wine, soulful people, reasonable housing prices, good ecology, low-cost living and rest in the best resorts. Here is a beautiful climate similar to the Mediterranean, although the country has no access to the sea, good nature. Well-established transport system, no traffic jams. Expatriate attitudes are friendly, products are cheap, and the real estate market is stable.

A disadvantage may be the difficulty of learning Hungarian, but fortunately many residents are able to speak English. There are also many unemployed people here, high levels of bureaucracy, high income tax, long deadlines for gaining civil status.

The feedback from most expatriates is still positive, and the prospect of obtaining a PHC for most remains attractive.

Warning! Each document presents the Ukrainian and Russian versions. Russian is immediately after Ukrainian.

1. Introduction. The main thing about Hungary.

2.Short-term visa category "C" Hungar

3. Visa for an official visit 

4. Residence permit in Hungary

5. Visa for businessmen and representatives of business organizations

6. Long-term visa to Hungary

7. Getting a PHC in Hungary

8. Visa for scientific cultural artistic activities

9. Visa for registered in Ukraine drivers of international cargo and passenger vehicles

10. Visa for journalists