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Квитанция об оплате в банке - советский атавизм уходит в прошлое?

Квитанция об оплате в банке - советский атавизм уходит в прошлое?

A very typical situation - when providing judicial (lawsuit) or administrative services and reimbursing the state duty or court fee, you are required to receive a receipt for payment from the financial institution. Also with a wet seal! Despite the fact that, for example, banks do not issue receipts with wet seals - this is considered atavism. At such a request, they will look at you in surprise. If the client will ask very persistently, sometimes banks can meet him. However, it is absolutely the same for government employees that the world is taking leaps and bounds to digitalization. The bureaucratic “paperwork” model has so firmly grown into Ukrainian society that it will be extremely difficult to eliminate it!

This is the task that the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Dmitry Dubilet set for himself. He wants to help citizens and save them from having to carry whole piles of papers (each of which is also difficult to obtain!) To solve any, even the most basic administrative issue. Mr. Dubilet said that in 1-3 months a service will be launched that will help to present receipts of payments in electronic form. It is assumed that banks will connect to this system, users will register in it - and it will be enough to enter the receipt number in the smartphone at the state institution. The system itself will pull up the desired document, it can be presented online. According to the Minister, the Cabinet will soon consider a resolution that will oblige state bodies and courts to review the procedure for receiving documents. And presenting an electronic receipt will be enough.

Despite the fact that the announced service will be relatively simple, still questions arise for its implementation. For example, will the personal data of users be sufficiently protected? After all, everything related to the banking sector and IT products must be checked very carefully before launch! And public online service often has complaints. To recall at least the torment of the capital’s authorities and the people of Kiev with a single electronic ticket or the intermittent failures of the Privat 24 system - when customers could not pay by card in a number of supermarkets. It is possible that the emergency pace of the implementation of a number of “state in a smartphone” projects can turn around for users, can tell on the quality of the IT product and turn around various unpleasant surprises.

 In our opinion, in this case it is categorically impossible to act “traditionally" - to launch an imperfect platform, and to correct deficiencies already in the process of use. It’s interesting, is it ever possible that in Ukraine a new digital product will work on time and efficiently? So far, alas, it is hard to believe.

Sincerely, UZSP Expert Council

Next, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the media material:

“Dublet to save money for Ukrainian citizens to present checks for payment to officials

Ministr Cabinet Ministr Dmitro Dublet announcing a launch after one or three months of service, in order to allow you to take care of the need for pre-notification in the official payment receipt.

“My plan is to start the service, so that I can help such a thing to come to grips, if the officials get a receipt from the people about the payment (often with a wet seal),” wrote Dublet at p’atnitsa.

Banks can get connected to the portal through the API, and if you need to enter the receipt number, you will need to appear on the screen; We can also start the installation of electronic digital signatures, explaining Dublet.

“From now on, you can make a payment at Privat24, monobank to your own bank, deny the receipt number and then show it to the official ... We are grateful to the decision, as though all the government bodies have to review their procedure and not have to pay for the paper.”

“Before the speech, you need to get to know your private business. Well, often it’s not officials who ask for receipts.

I’ll look at those that the service itself is really simple, and the regulation is on the bill, and not on the Parliament, I’m a lot of money, which can be started for 1-3 months, ”wrote Dublet.”